#TwitterFiction Festival 2015 Schedule

May 11—15

Explore the upcoming events of the #Twitter Fiction Festival showcase by date.

Note: all times shown in EST.

Author Celeste Ng unravels a love story she found hidden in the Cambridge Public Library.

While working in her local library, author Celeste Ng stumbled across a hidden note bearing only a call number. That note led to a book–and a most unusual love story.

Sophie Jordan presents “The Hook-Up”: a young woman’s quest to shake up her dull life on the eve of her thirtieth birthday.

Sophie Jordan will tweet a string of moments chronicling the lows and highs of a young woman’s thirtieth birthday, beginning with a family dinner at a local buffet and ending with a steamy wild night with a stranger that just might end in a happily ever after.

Howdy, hoss, I’m Kurt Pickens of Owingsville, KY. Follow my seven-day Alaskan cruise at @JonathanEvison! See you at the buffet!

I’m Kurt Pickens from This is Your Life, Harriet Chance!, the upcoming novel by Jonathan Evison. My old lady, Donna Mae, left me for a guy in a white convertible. Lost my job in wholesale plumbing supply and put on eighty pounds. Let me tell you, my self-image has been better. I drink too much,… Read more »

For Abbey Rose, the car accident was just the beginning. A never-before-seen scene from #TemptedbyTrouble by @EricJDickey

@EricJDickey finally gives Abbey Rose (from #TemptedbyTrouble) the chance to have her say. And from her point of view…everything is different. Nothing is going the way it should. Her boyfriend is married, her car is wrecked, and now she’s in further than she knows with “The Gentleman in the Business Suit.” Find out what happens… Read more »

@iandoescher presents Star Wars couples in Shakespearean couplets: love poetry from one Star Wars character to another, in iambic pentameter.

Journey to a romantic galaxy far, far away where the usual suspects like Han and Leia, Padmé and Anakin are sending each other short love notes. See other characters get in on the mix, too — Jango Fett’s rhyming couplet to his clones, C-3PO’s couplet for R2-D2, the Rancor Keeper’s love note to the Rancor,… Read more »

What would happen if a teenage boy found his favorite actress’ iPhone sitting on a desk?

Hunter finds his favorite actress, Abby Hudson’s phone laying on a desk after a studio tour in Los Angeles and decides to take it back to Boston with him. He knows it’s wrong but he can’t stop himself from going through every picture, every text message. His best friend talks him into making an Instagram… Read more »

When fate hands you love you’d be a fool to ignore it…right?

A hopeless romantic flies to Colorado to reignite a love affair that began on a bus to Kansas City.

Corina Silva gives a voice to a voiceless woman

A narrative tweeted from a comatose patient’s point of view as she decides to live or die.

A literary take on the ghost story from the @harvardadvocate

The Harvard Advocate celebrates its 150th anniversary with a ghostly mystery that traverses American literary history, cutting edge publications, and voices from past and present.

Twitter poetry made to order from @frankielliot

On-the-spot typewriter poems requested via tweets

One school project changes the course of four teens’ lives

Four high school students who never would have interacted learn about each other as part of as a group extra credit science project.

Madness, murder, and mayhem from @ajwalkley

A detective investigates the murder of the same girl, two years in a row, before uncovering numerous victims at the hands of a Navy Seal driven mad by unrequited love.

Unbelievable hijinks take over one local IKEA

When all hell breaks loose at an IKEA in Ohio, two teens, a day manager, and the Ikea itself take to Twitter to describe the strangeness around them.

  • Tue 4AM Wed 4AM Thu 4AM
  • Ian Laking @IHLaking

Death, secrets, and endless intrigue in @IHLaking’s tale of danger

On his deathbed, The Great Mentor of the Easter Empire reveals disturbing secrets to his favourite student, who quickly realises he is in danger.

A tale of love, transcending time, space, and Twitter

A lonely workaday woman in San Francisco who posts existential thoughts to Twitter unexpectedly connects to other people across time and space, finding love and/or friendship in the process.

@rowancoleman tells a unique story of infidelity

The story of an affair told through post-it note messages left by a couple to each other.


Edgar Allan Poe has a Twitter account

In less than 2 hours, a terrorist who identifies himself solely as @Splinter_TFF, is going to detonate a bomb. Counter Terrorism Operative @SpyCatcherTFF wants to strike him down. But @Splinter_TFF may prove impossible to find…

There is a megalomaniac on the loose with a bomb that makes bodies move faster than the speed of light.  He calls himself Splinter.  In two hours, it’s going to get explosive in an undisclosed location, unless Counter Terrorism Operative Harker can strike back.  Problem is, he’s searching for a needle in a haystack that’s… Read more »

Elkinaki Love Story: The tragic love story of a white trapper, a native maiden, and their bloodthirsty fathers.

A story for the Twitter campfire. Deep in the 18th-century wilderness, the son of a rapacious fur trapper meets the mute but spirited daughter of the local Elkinaki tribe. They fall in love, communicating with gifts and gestures, and rendezvousing secretly to avoid the wrath of their fathers, until a night of accidental bloodshed realigns… Read more »

A chance encounter brings together a seventeen-year-old politician’s daughter and the tattooed drummer she should have nothing in common with.

Seventeen-year-old Marigold Newman, daughter of a politician and all-around good girl, is curious when she meets the gaze of the tattooed drummer playing at the county fair—and from the way he continues to look in her direction, she wonders if he’s interested in her, too. But when unforeseen circumstances send her straight into the drummer’s… Read more »

You have been selected. Out of the depths of social media, a shadowy figure emerges. It calls itself Typhon. And it wants to talk to YOU.

We are all connected. Our lives and privacy bound to our devices, devices that talk to one another, devices that know us better than we know ourselves. And as a result, we are all vulnerable. Emergent from the shadows of our unlimited connectedness arises a mysterious figure. And congratulations! It has selected you to have… Read more »

A modern day whodunit from @ClueTFF

An original, multi-character whodunit set in modern-day San Francisco and loosely based on the classic board game Clue.

A mysterious death brings unexpected revelations in @FabulistCat’s thrilling tale

Staff members at a boutique hotel are troubled by, and attempt to make sense of, an enigmatic, longterm resident’s suicide while revealing their own complicated relationships.

@chooseadventure presents Choose Your Own Adventure on Twitter

A series of linked accounts, taking the reader through my latest Choose Your Own Adventure

  • Tue 11PM Wed 11PM Fri 11PM
  • Jaylynn McMahon @_vita_

An out of this world story world from @_vita_

A group of intergalactic students use Earth for a study abroad program.

A bedtime story with @katelyncausey

Follow one girl as her night unfolds in an homage to Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

A scientist gets too close to her subject

A monitor becomes obsessed with her scientific subject—who is swiftly developing dangerous powers.

Margaret Atwood’s Film Previews on a Plane: the Helpful Summaries repurposes words drawn from the trailer copy for plane movies.

In a piece composed of words drawn from film preview copy seen on a plane, Margaret Atwood suggests setups, characters, and a danger-filled roller-coaster of a plot — warped cave attacks! A virus motorcycle!  –– for your very own inner movie.

A beautiful, young actress. A horny old married producer. An accomplished and elegant wife. It’s complicated and sexy. Who will be the winner in this triangle?

A pretty, young, would-be actress—Gabriella, meets Marty Gold, a horny, old, very married producer at an industry party.  He sees sex. She sees opportunity.  While his wife, Suzanne, pretends to see nothing. Suzanne basks in being Mrs. Marty Gold.  They have an arrangement.  She does not care what he does as long as it doesn’t… Read more »

@BethCato delves into the fantastical and futuristic in poems and tweet-sized stories.

@BethCato seeks out the magic and mystery of the everyday as she alternates between evocative fantasy and science fiction poems and short stories. She encourages other writers & artists to use her #TwitterFiction to spark their own creative works.

The Zen of Dick Cheney: @BySteveIsrael reveals the inner-Cheney thru secret NSA recordings of his meditations. 

A new NSA technology eavesdrops not only on emails, but meditations.  Turns out that Dick Cheney, the man who invaded Iraq has a soft side-more Deepak than Darth, more votive candle than voter canvass. As George Bush said, “Who knew?” Cheney’s mantra is:  ”Tax Cut.” But who leaked the transcripts? Barack Obama? Bush himself? And… Read more »

@SokoloffHarness presents a moving coming of age story

Transgender teen — boy to girl, not yet changed — seeks a new family on Twitter.

A harrowing tale of mother and daughter

A girl and her mother slowly descend into middle-class homelessness in the 1970s

Lizzie Bennet meets the twenty-first century

@AFABUSERNAME gives a modern take on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Litmash is a live literary mash-up game. Followers tweet suggestions of two different genres (e.g. “cold war fairytale”) for @laurenbeukes to write.

Readers love @laurenbeukes for her dazzling ability to blend, twist, and combine genres to create new works of fiction. In Litmash, you can challenge her to write tweet-sized, genre-defying stories…live. Follow @laurenbeukes to find out when she’ll be accepting prompts. You’ll have 15 minutes to tweet her with suggestions of two different genres (e.g. “cold… Read more »

Trans women detectives solve occult mysteries: you determine their actions, Homestuck-derived crowdsource style, with @manwhohatesfun as your guide.

Two trans women living in New Orleans and selling cakes to punks for a living encounter a terrible occult-themed crime, and via a complex and TBD chain of circumstances set forth to solve it. The audience will submit ideas for actions that the women might take at critical junctures, which the author will then either… Read more »

@kathleenkent214 pulls the trigger on forgotten messages from the Old West.

Little known missives from Wyatt Earp, Annie Oakley, Wild Bill, Ike Clanton, and “No Les, No More” Lester Moore, answering the question, how was the West won?  One tweet at a time, of course.

@LemonySnicket has amnesia and needs your help.

In the middle of an intriguing investigation, Mr. Snicket finds that he cannot recall certain crucial details, such as fraught locations, suspicious people, helpful aphorisms and alluring inanimate objects.  Help a more or less esteemed author in his efforts to solve the mystery and get his act together.

Most commutes are mind-numbingly monotonous. Not this one. 60 minutes, 60 tweets…for a life-changing journey, climb aboard!

You leave at 8:06, insulated mug in hand. You pass the neighbors with the hysterical Maltese, the ones with the sidewalk-soaking sprinkler, the ones in the Witness Protection Program. You pass the bagel store and the unsmiling crossing guard in the clown wig. At the station, you notice new graffiti: Good morning sunshine. The train… Read more »

Not all love stories are a matter of chance

What happens when an (arranged marriage) relationship evolves on twitter? Is the marriage arranged or not?

Politically Correct Short Stories: whimsical subversions of the norm by @abigailsbrain

Inspired by the great success of the We Need Diverse Books campaign and the womynists from 1994 comedy PCU, Abigail Tarttelin will be tweeting 140 character short stories for smug, LGBT, feminist, leftists of color to share on reddit. Stories will feature strong women, a thruple, and multiple light-hearted subversions of heteronormative gender stereotyping.

A god and a goddess debate whether or not to end the world.

Long ago, a sly god and a fiery goddess created the world as a laugh. Now that a few million years have passed, it’s no longer equally funny to both parties. Could a destructive comet provide the perfect punchline? Twitter is the ideal place for deities with short attention spans to discuss pros and cons… Read more »

A 30-something woman attends Singles Night at the organic grocery store, acknowledging desperation and irritating hope at finding The One.

Yes, she’s tried online dating, asked her friends to fix her up and even hired a matchmaker of questionable hygiene, all to no avail. With her birthday just around the corner, our heroine must exhaust all options…even pretending to be vegan. What’s a few hours in the grocery store, after all? Love comes when you… Read more »

@PatrickRothfuss will be telling an impromptu, improvised story using suggestions from his readers.

Modeled in the style of the text-only interactive fiction games of his youth, @PatrickRothfuss will describe the results of the player’s actions as the story/game progresses. Madness is sure to follow.

Who are you without your past?

A man drinks from a bottle of fermented light, destroying his past and splitting the present in two.

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