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Explore and relive all of the fiction created in the past festival showcases.

  • Thu 12AM Fri 12AM Sat 12AM Sun 12AM
  • Alma Katsu @almakatsu

A Twitter ghost created by @almakatsu leaves clues for a loved one

Throughout the festival, a ghost, Paul, uses Twitter to settle the question of his death and bring some emotional peace to Kat, the woman he left behind. Kat must figure out what is really going on when her dead lover’s Twitter account comes back to life, and what real message he’s trying to send her.

  • Thu 12AM Fri 12AM Sat 12AM Sun 12AM
  • Dugaldo Estrada

140-character improvised and illustrated stories from @dugaldo

Dugaldo Estrada will produce a collection of fifty illustrated, 140 character or less, short stories during the entirety of #TwitterFiction festival. He plans to crowdsource by requesting story prompts and suggestions for illustrations from the Twitter audience.

  • Gail Carriger

Mysterious Victorian objects were given a purpose in this crowd-sourced project from @gailcarriger

Each day, @GailCarriger will post 1-2 images of everyday items found in her world (a parasol, a fan, etc.), and “crowd source,” asking the Twitter community to list one function for the given item.

  • Wed 9AM Thu 8PM Sun 5AM
  • Alexander McCall-Smith

Four whimsical short stories from Alexander @McCallSmith

“The Sociopath’s Ball”, “Scandanavian Noir”, “The Intern’s Story”, and “Love in the Alps.”

  • Wed 11AM Thu 11AM Fri 11AM Sat 10AM
  • Andrea Cremer @andreacremer

An unopened, aged letter is discovered. Twitter users were invited to help @andreacremer write the letter and uncover the past

A story takes form when an aged letter is discovered; its envelope unopened, its words never read. The contents of the letter will be tweeted from end to beginning. Suppositions and suggestions from readers will play a part in shaping the story that emerges

@KatieFforde voices a young woman, fed up with men, who is live-tweeting her 20th blind date

A 20th date after 19 awful ones. A young British woman has had no luck at all thus far. She’s decided to go on one last blind date.

@tracyguzeman’s multiple characters bring a topsy-turvy art world to life

What is gradually revealed through communications between the artist June, the art critic, the artist’s rep, and the gallery owner, begs the question: can you ever change your destiny?

A winter storm paralyzes a fictional airport by @chrisarnold

When a winter storm paralyzes an unspecified metropolitan airport, Twitter reveals the hopes, fears and frustrations of the passengers and staff whose destinies have been put on hold, for better or worse. Around the clock for 48 hours, this story traces the drama of travel delays affecting lives at the airport and across the globe.

Relive a climb of Mt. Everest with @adampopescu

“High Altitude” is the story of Adam Popescu’s 18,000 foot journey to Mt. Everest Base Camp. Passages of high suspense moments: weather, physical pain, and significantly low oxygen levels.

  • Wed 4PM Thu 4PM Fri 2PM Sat 4PM Sun 4PM
  • Bill Roorbach @billroorbach

A woman’s romantic past is remembered on Twitter by @billroorbach

Danielle, who finds herself alone and distressed, remembers the voices of friends and lovers and family, a catalog of joy and pain. These tweets – the soundtrack of her romantic life – will begin to coalesce into a portrait of Danielle

@bradmeltzer and @ajjacobs as two men arguing about what their final words will be

Brad Meltzer and AJ Jacobs are co-writing a story about two men arguing about what their final words will be.

  • Wed 9PM Thu 3PM Fri 8PM Sat 9AM
  • Julia Fierro

A sinful beach house weekend in real time by @juliafierro

A clique of thirty-something couples, their young children in tow, gather for a 3-day vacation at a ramshackle beach house named Eden.

  • Wed 10PM
  • Sara Farizan

An ode to the ever-present gyro poster girl, led by @SaraFarizan

Who is she? Where is she? Sara Farizan writes a piece dedicated to the mysterious, effusive, and ever beautiful gyro poster girl.

A steamy Twitter romance from @MaiseyYates that just might end up happily ever after

In Crazy Stupid Sex (Cosmo Red-Hot Reads from Harlequin) Evie and Caleb met and started their romance. Now what started with 50 sex tips is ending with happily ever after.

  • Thu 2AM Fri 2AM Sat 2AM Sun 2AM
  • Meghna Pant @meghnapant

@MeghnaPant rewrites India’s epic poem Mahabharata in just 100 Tweets

The Mahabharata is India’s greatest and largest epic poem, stretching over 100,000 lines. It is the ultimate tale of power struggle, war, love, lust, greed and the quintessential win of good over evil. Meghna Pant will retell this masterpiece into just a hundred tweets.

Over 35 collaborators playing word games in Italian to rewrite the poetry of @PaveseCesare on Twitter

A poetic rewriting game involving five poems by Cesare Pavese, a celebrated Italian writer and translator of American literature. Twitter users from all over the world will be invited to join the game either in Italian or in English

An illustrated murder mystery woven together and solved by husband and wife @teamavery

“What Remains” will be a first person murder mystery told through narrative, illustration and links to fictional news articles, websites and events. It will be narrated in real time from the main character’s twitter account and span the 5 days of the Twitter Festival.

Crowd-sourced advice for a philandering man and his best friend by author of The Rosie Project @GraemeSimsion

Don is advising his friend over a crisis in Gene’s marriage (he’s been caught cheating). He will seek advice from Twitter users and incorporate feedback into the conversation.

  • Thu 6AM Fri 6AM

Single-Tweet short stories and poems crafted in Spanish by @rdelblanco

A collection of independent short stories and short poems in single Tweets. Charming, quick, and engaging, these bite-sized stories will be shared in Spanish.

Tweets from the future in 140-character screenplays brought to you by @Katie_Khan

Want to know what happens with Netflix? Where Justin Beiber ends up? These tweets will have those kinds of answers.

An adorable, tweetable webcomic by @ericsmithrocks (illustrations by @juansolon)

“Already a Hero” by Eric Smith is a series of panels with captions that create a visual story, as illustrated by Juan Carlos Solon.

This was not the story @BenHWinters meant to write for #TwitterFiction Festival. Or is it?

“Free Charlton Connors” is a crime story that plays out in real time over the course of one tense daylight hour. Atlee Connors (@AtleeConnors) is a “regular guy” who has barricaded himself inside the bank vault at a branch of Upland National Bank (@UplandNB14thStreet), with six hostages and a bomb strapped to his chest.

@TheLizzieBennet and @TheLydiaBennet return home one last time, from the team behind @thelbdofficial.

The team behind The Lizzie Bennet Diaries will be presenting a week long story campaign bringing Lizzie Bennet back online, almost one year to the day when she started dating Mr. William Darcy.

@benjamin_percy wrote a meta horror story for the digital era

You will log off and power down their device feeling jittery and uncertain who you are and what you are capable of and who might be watching you.

@omarjsakr tweets as a young man who is dead but continues to live on through Twitter

A young man who is transported into social media when he dies while updating Twitter. He wakes up behind the digital curtain that screens so much of our daily lives and what’s more, he isn’t alone…

An anti-government protest turns ugly and @laraprescott brings it to life with tweets from reporters, victims, and bystanders

Lifelong friends, Alia and Cala, discover via their Twitter feeds that they are both trapped at a violent government protest, yet separated. The young women use Twitter to communicate with each other as well as follow what’s happening outside in real time–their feeds filled with news from family members, activists, reporters, media outlets, and bystanders.

  • Fri 10AM
  • Tom Mitchell

@tommycm is taking you on a choose-your-own-adventure night out in London

It’s a London night to end all London nights. You are failed, twenty-something actor Kay Richardson and you have decided to fall in love.

  • Fri 4PM
  • Jim Gaffigan

@JimGaffigan and @MichaelIanBlack improvised to tweet a comedic tale of a trip to Scotland.

@JimGaffigan and @MichaelIanBlack improvised a tale of a trip to Scotland.

@meganeabbott built a visual, crowd-sourced film noir tale

Author Megan Abbott will invite Twitter users to submit photos or clips highlighting their favorite locales from film noir (e.g., Gilda’s gambling palace, the fateful train car from Double Indemnity) in advance and then create a noir tale using all those locations.

The Adventures of Fat Kerri, a lonely, lost woman in NYC created by @Kim_or_pen

Fat Kerri is the story of a woman who wakes up the morning after her 39th birthday party still somewhat drunk, in a tiara and a tulle skirt and a full face of makeup. She spends her day roaming the streets of NYC, asking herself an important question: to stay or go.

  • Sat 7AM Sat 8AM
  • Amy Plum

@AmyPlumOhLaLa’s visual Parisian Zombie Alphabet

“Alphabet of Paris Zombies” is a visualized series of rhyming phrases with pictures that tell stories of mysterious deaths. For every letter, there’s another gruesome end, linked to a famous spot in Paris. The most ghoulish way to explore the City of Light.

How to Go On Vacation with a Man You’ve Just Started Sleeping With, a guide by @EmmaStraub

In a humorous and sad short story told in the 2nd person, Emma Straub writes a guide to How to Go On Vacation with a Man You’ve Just Started Sleeping With and May Not Actually Like.

Love is in the air: A proposal on Twitter by @jlarmentrout

Author Jennifer L. Armentrout will tell “The Proposal,” focusing on a fan-favorite couple that won’t be revealed until the end.

@Richard_Kadrey is tweeting fiction prompts for collaborative storytelling.

Author Richard Kadrey will be tweeting the openings to 50 stories over the next 100 or so minutes. You can join in by writing your own Twitter story openings. Or continue the story here or offline. Or end the story. The choice is yours.

A woman shrinks, one letter at a time by @REKemp1

The story of a woman who is shrinking. The first Tweet will be 140 characters, but as the character gets smaller, the Tweets will mirror her by shrinking themselves. What will happen when there is nothing left?

  • Sun 8AM Sun 10PM
  • Alberto Chimal

@albertochimal will craft a world of horror in Spanish through a string of moments that bring feelings of unease and wonder

Alberto Chimal will use Twitter to develop a reading experience that approximates that of a horror story, creating sensations of unease, horror, and wonder in an unusual way. A series of pictures with captions will suggest a moment in a different sequence of eerie or sinister events that we cannot actually see.

10 writers from @grubwriters, 1 workshop, 1 hour, 1 murder

Over the course of 1 hour, a group of 10 writers will work together to create something that’s murderous and meta: a fictional setting featuring writers writing about murder and possibly committing it, too.

Characters from classic lit gone wild from @roninsaga #classicconfessionals

Matthew seeks to inspire the average reader and rekindle interest in classic literature. #ClassicConfessionals will turn the tables on classic books rife with guilt, sorrow, and other themes ripe for confession.

@Ankurthakkar is recreating a Bollywood movie in just visual Tweets

Using a collection of screenshots from a variety of films, Ankur will be recreating a Bollywood movie through visual Tweets. As in every Bollywood movie, there will be dancing, love, heartbreak, and comedy. And of course, a wedding.

  • Sun 8PM
  • Julie Kagawa

Bringing vampires, talking cats, and true love off the page with @JKagawa

Thanks to a rogue trod in the NeverNever, Puck finds himself many years in the future in a destroyed world. When he meets a stranger, Jackal, a vampire with an attitude to match his own, a brief fight leaves both of them in the present day, stuck using some strange social media called “Twitter” to try to find a way back to their own worlds.

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Julie now lives is Louisville, KY with her husband and four kids. She is the international and NYT bestselling author of The Iron Fey series. Visit her at juliekagawa.com.

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